Thursday, November 11, 2010

No win No fee Accident Claims & Selachodamorphy

No win no fee accident claims are going to be the focus of today's entry, in light of a new choad word to describe the sometimes unfortunate experiences of dealing with a lawyer. Contrary to popular belief, not all lawyers are entirely money hungry.
Some are genuinely out there to help people with their legal battles.
If the work is not done pro bono, many lawyers can often be of help in the form of a no win no fee system. No win no fee accident claims are just that... if you do not win your case, then you do not have to pay any fees.
But just like a shark, lawyers have to eat. So, even though they're not always after your money, it's not all just for the shiggles that they do this. Obviously, lawyers aren't made out of money.
Most often, the tastiest bait with no win no fee accident claims is the fact that the likelihood of a win far outweighs the likelihood of a loss.
Makes sense...
After all, why would a shark go after prey if it knows already that it will lose the battle and be feasted upon by some other predator?
So, that brings us to the topic of selachodamorphy (derived from choda + selachimorpha meaning "sharkbastard" or, more loosely, "dumb shark"). I love this word because it sounds like "sell a choda morphine"). Selachodamorphy exists for no win no fee accident claims, and almost any sort of legal case, but the difference is that the financial burden never rests with you as the client.
Why? Because...
Selachodamorphy describes ruthless, cruel, greedy, or money hungry actions which are executed or carried out in some dumb, idiotic way.
Thus, something that is selachodamorphic can often describe the actions of an idiotic poker player (i.e. a "donkey") or an idiotic lawyer, e.g. the type of lawyer who takes on a no win no fee accident claim, or any case for that matter, knowing full well that they'll lose the case. We've already established, though, that a no win no fee lawyer will probably not take a case if the chances of winning are grim.
We'll expand on variants of these terms later, but... for now, it was appropriate to merely focus on how selachodamorphy relates to no win no fee claims.

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