Friday, October 29, 2010

Shut up Africa, you're not my real mom.

"I am soo excited to meet an American!! I have heard so much good things! Tell me what life is like in America!"
"Well.. I wake up and eat breakfast.. then I usually go on my computer for a bit. Check my Facebook, play some Farmville..and then...."
"Farmville? What is that?"
"Well it's a computer app where you have your own farm and you grow food and harvest it. It's really fun."
"Cool!! Then you eat it?"
"Er.. no.. you can't eat it. LOL."
"You farm food that you cannot eat? I don't understand. Is it poisonous? "
"Well. no.. I guess you could. Don't know how much protein is in a computer LOL. But no, the food just doesn't actually exist. It's not edible. Ya know?"
"You spend your time growing inedible food that doesn't exist?"
"If you're going to spend your time growing food, why not grow real food that people can actually eat? Think of all the lives you'd save!


  1. lmao great post man
    keep it up

  2. If this could really happen... it sure would lead to a similar conversation. I laughed.

  3. Lol that's hilarious but True. Very sad man..


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